Kendriya Vidalaya Konsiwas, Rewari


Sr. No.


Class & Subject

Learning objectives initially envisaged

Learning objectives realized or not


Readiness programme-caring of the seedings

In class -1

Making Them familiarize with school  environment, curriculam, culture etc.

Learning objective realized.


Meeting of new parents with teachers

All classes (1 to V)

To understand the background of children and their proper guidance and councelling if needed.

Learning objective realized


Grand-parents day- They are warm hugs, sweet memories and proud smiles.

All classes(1 to V)

To honor and respect grandparents and all senior members in the society, to thank them for their service to society and nation, to give guideline to new generation.

Learning objective realized


Formative assessment-I & II, summative-I & II

Eight - Cycles

Classes (III to V)


Classes I & II

To develop different skill and to evaluate different skill and  competencies.

Learning  objective realized


Teacher’s Day

All classes (I to V)

To insulate in students a sense of respect towards teachers and self confidence and to grow as the responsible citizens of country, teachers day was celebrated on 05/09/2013 with full vigour and vitality.

Learning objective realized


Month wise active formative assessment –II & IV with rubrix

Classes (III to V)

To develop different skill and competencies

Learning objective realized


Communicative skill to enhance the spoken skill.

All classes (I to V)

To improve the language efficiency of the children

Learning objective realized


Co-curricular activities learning becomes a joyful experience

All classes (I to V)


C.C.A. activities are an integral  part of the school milieu and ensure holistic personality growth.

Learning objective realized


Cub-Bulbul activities messengers of social services

All classes (I to V)

These multitude exposures enrich and motivate the buds to contribute and work for a better world to live on.

Learning objective realized


Save- Environment –Plant green, breathe green

All classes ( I to V)

The activities focused towards increasing awareness about environment issues are no to plastic, bags, plantation of saplings and nurturing of the plants ,organizing drawing and painting competition to promote ethos of energy conservation an d natural resources.

Learning objective realized


Drawing and painting – creativity and imagination make the difference

All classes (I to V)

To imaginative and creative skills are enhanced and sketched by the students through competitions.

Learning objective realized


Games and sports- Health is wealth

All classes (I to V)

A mini sports meet has been organized at vidyalaya level in which all primary students participated, 25 skates have been arranged for developing sporyu spirits In children`s.

Learning objective realized


Parents-teachers Meeting

All classes (I to V)

A parents and teachers meeting has been arranged time to time to finds way to improve the effieciency of children.

Learning objective realized


Learning activities-moving ahead into the realm of computers

All classes (I to V)

A CMP resource room having all the latest tools and techiniques like LCD, Computer with internet etc. has been established and the resources are being used by teachers in a interesting and innovative way.

Learning objective realized


Community Lunch- caring, Sharing and respecting.

All classes (I to V)

Children are exposed to the diverse food habits of the different rtegions and state of  the country, developing hygienic habits and respect for others.  Community lunch will be celebrated time to time.

Learning objective realized